Ringo Juice

JamieJakov Blog 4.0 – りんごジュース

There has been a lot of stuff happening in my life recently – got a new job, moving to a new place, last semester of uni soon, started playing Hearthstone seriously, etc. So I decided it would be a great time to update my blog.

The main thing you will notice is the new theme! I call it りんごジュース (Apple Juice) because its orange and orange juice is delicious (I know that made no sense, but cool things never do). The colour scheme is once again lighter, now with more white and less orange; images are more prominent on posts, cause I really want to show off my great photos; the pages have been renamed and sections moved to more appropriate locations. This opened up potential for a new page which I call Timeline. I have yet to finish coding that page, so bare with me, as it is gonna be completely different from everything else, and thus requires much more time to put together. Also the sidebar is gone, it’s been retired in favour of a fixed top navigation bar. Decided to use a different font as well – PT Sans. (Why this one? Cause its Russian! Also, if you are wondering, Ringo is still around you just need to find her.

Next is the more hidden stuff. The server has been moved to Digital Ocean as they offer a better package for a more reasonable price. By swapping over I was able to implement a few features that I’ve been meaning to for a long time now: SFTP access to the server, email forwarding, stats tracking.

Another notable change is the main domain. Originally the blog was on jamiejakov.wordpress.com, then when I switched away from the free WordPress.com option, I registered the domain jamiejakov.me. I can also tell you that I bought jamiejakov.com alongside it, just in case people forgot that it is .me. Well I am pleased to announce that JamieJakov Blog is now available at jamiejakov.lv. Thats right the primary domain is now a Latvian domain – .lv. I might not be the best Latvian citizen out there (after all I did barely pass the Latvian HS exam, and left the country straight after), but I am proud to call myself Latvian, thus the choice of colour scheme for my personal resume site and the domain.

Its very interesting to go down memory lane and remember what everything used to be like before. Until you see the code you wrote and think to yourself: “oh god why”. As I said in my previous blog re-design post – its time for a change, and here it is. Please continue reading my posts and I will continue writing them.

Oh an one more thing! Happy Birthday to me! I turn 23 today.