2014 Retrospective

December 31st, 2014

Sakurajima Shiroyama

Wow, that went by rather quick. I remember how I was writing up the 2013 retrospective, as if it was yesterday. Why did the year fly by so quickly? Well I guess it is due to me being in Kagoshima, Japan! A new region to explore, a whole new bunch of Pokemon to catch! … wait a minute, wrong world. Anyway, lets see what the most memorable events were this year.

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2013 Retrospective

December 31st, 2013

2013 is almost over, just a few hours left in this year, and I can say it was an amazing year. So much has happened in my life, so many things have changed and I continue to expand my skills and to improve on what I already have. Lets go over the events that happened so far.

For my birthday on the 1st of February my parents got me a DSLR camera right before our trip to Melbourne to watch the Australian Open and Fiji. This sparked my interest in photography and I now I carry my camera to almost all important events.

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