2013 Retrospective

2013 is almost over, just a few hours left in this year, and I can say it was an amazing year. So much has happened in my life, so many things have changed and I continue to expand my skills and to improve on what I already have. Lets go over the events that happened so far.

For my birthday on the 1st of February my parents got me a DSLR camera right before our trip to Melbourne to watch the Australian Open and Fiji. This sparked my interest in photography and I now I carry my camera to almost all important events.

The next important event I would like to highlight is the the Wolf Children screening where I watched the movie for the 3rd time, but this time we got to see the Director – Mamoru Hosoda. He signed my BluRay copy of the movie and even drew me a sketch of Hana.

In May I got to see Tenacious D preform live in the Syndey Opera House with Sashin. That was my first time in the opera house and wow I can say that was amazing. The D will rise again.

And then I went home for a month in summer, almost didn’t make it, but it was ok in the end. Spent three weeks in Latvia, saw some of my friends, had some amazing food and overall had a nice rest from work and uni.

In December (on the 1st actually) I took the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and I really hope I passed. It was hard, harder then any other language test I have ever done. Why? Because of the Kanji of course. Kanji are my worst nightmare, I can sorta recognize them in text, but choosing the correct reading or the correct kanji based on a reading is not my strong point. Well results come out in March so I’ll just have to wait till then.

Otherwise I played Pokemon Y, GTA V, The Last of Us, and of course I managed to clear Super Hexagon.

’twas a good year. Happy New Year! Lets have a good one again next year.

Thanks to Ruben I now know of this amazing website called Wordle, which allows you to compile your most used words. So these are mine for 2013 based on archive titles.