Beware of flying apples

July 21st, 2015

Flying Apples

You know how much I love Apple and apples. I love the tech and I love eating all sorts of delicious fruit. What I don’t like, is when apples start flying. Now that, my friends, is terrifying.

Las night I was heading back home at around 11pm. Then while walking back home on the empty roads of Rhodes, minding my own business, I hear a whizzing sound of something falling, I thought it was a bird flying by, or maybe a broken tree branch, but I was greatly mistaken. A Granny Smith apple had fallen onto the bonnet of a parked car.

As any normal person, I look up to see,
wether I was walking past an apple tree.
Which I was not,
and where it came from I could not spot.
Leaving it be and proceeding home,
I was bewildered by the apple that’d flown.
A few seconds later, and to my surprise,
another apple had fallen from the skies.
This time much closer to me,
so I couldn’t just … let it be.
Pretty damn shocked I ran for my flat,
away from all these apples that fly and go splat!
Reaching my room and telling Alex the story,
he laughed for a bit, but then he got worried.
Crazy people are crazy indeed,
lets be a bit carful. Agreed!

Hope you liked my little tale. I tried to rhyme the best I could, cause I thought I might be a poet, but didn’t even know it!

Guess who’s back!

March 18th, 2015


Almost a year has passed since I left beautiful Sydney. And now I am back, back to a new year of uni, new job, new apartment in Rhodes! But at the same time I can now see all my good old friends, eat all the amazing food I have been missing out on, and spend 3 times more then I should on daily necessities! Yay for Sydney!

But seriously, I came back on the 17th of February, which is a month ago. I’ve been very busy with buying furniture (from IKEA), seeing friends, going to uni again and 20 hours of work a week. All I can say I am happy to be back, but at the same time I do miss certain things about Japan. Right now I am trying to hunt down a place where I can buy a simple bicycle for a decent price (not in the 1k range). Aside from that, the apartment is mostly furnished, just waiting on dining table and sofa.

My life is back on track, so I will end this small update post by saying that while life can be hard some times, and we have so little time to do all the things we want, its important to appreciate every little thing that has happened, and continue going forward!