Beware of flying apples

Flying Apples

You know how much I love Apple and apples. I love the tech and I love eating all sorts of delicious fruit. What I don’t like, is when apples start flying. Now that, my friends, is terrifying.

Las night I was heading back home at around 11pm. Then while walking back home on the empty roads of Rhodes, minding my own business, I hear a whizzing sound of something falling, I thought it was a bird flying by, or maybe a broken tree branch, but I was greatly mistaken. A Granny Smith apple had fallen onto the bonnet of a parked car.

As any normal person, I look up to see,
wether I was walking past an apple tree.
Which I was not,
and where it came from I could not spot.
Leaving it be and proceeding home,
I was bewildered by the apple that’d flown.
A few seconds later, and to my surprise,
another apple had fallen from the skies.
This time much closer to me,
so I couldn’t just … let it be.
Pretty damn shocked I ran for my flat,
away from all these apples that fly and go splat!
Reaching my room and telling Alex the story,
he laughed for a bit, but then he got worried.
Crazy people are crazy indeed,
lets be a bit carful. Agreed!

Hope you liked my little tale. I tried to rhyme the best I could, cause I thought I might be a poet, but didn’t even know it!