Anime Day 4

September 19th, 2015


What is the LAST anime you watched that made you cry?

Crying isn’t a manly thing, but god damn even I have feelings. So to put it simply: Wolf Childern. Why? Well ever since first watching the movie in Japan back in 2012, I have always thought that this is one of the most touching family stories I have ever seen. And watching it over and over (4 times now) makes me appreciate it even more with every re-watch. And every time I cry and a few particular scene. I don’t want to go into spoilers, so all I can say is that there are multiple moments throughout the movie which will bring a tear to anyones eye. So my last re-watch of this was in 2014 Autumn, so yes, this would be the last anime I watched that made me cry.

Want to read my non-spoiler review of the movie, click this link.

Anime Day 3

September 18th, 2015

Aisaka Taiga

Day 3 – Your anime crush

What is love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more.

Disclaimer: I was still a teenager (18) when I watched Toradora, so please understand that me adoring Taiga (who is 17 in the end of the show) is perfectly fine.

But yes Taiga, so small, so cute, so waifu. But to be more serious, the reason why I had a crush on Taiga, was not just because of herself, I was more thanks to Ryuuji, who I admired and wanted to become so that I could support my own Taiga. Basically if I wish I were in Ryuuji’s shoes and have Taiga as my waifu.

Taiga is small and cute, but she is also a Tsundere. While I like tsunderes, sometimes they are a bit too violent, and Taiga is no exception. However the concept of love from hate has always been something that I thought was amazing and to be one of the most strongest forms of love. Also her growth throughout the series is something I would love to see in any girl I am with. Taiga started off in a dirty house by herself, not knowing how to take care of herself or interact with people, but thanks to Ryuuji, she grew into a fine girl with lots of friends and housewife skills that can only match Ryuuji himself. One thing I still can’t forgive her for is leaving him for 1 year, I think there could have been a better compromise, but thats not something I can change.

So thats why Taiga is my first anime crush and my top waifu. If there is a real life version of her, please introduce me to her!

Anime Day 2

September 17th, 2015

Continuing on with the daily my daily anime questions.


Day 2 – Favorite anime you’ve watched so far

This is a hard one. Picking a favourite anime out of this list… But if I had to chose one, I’d probably stick with Toradora. It was my very first favourite and I want to keep it as my most favourite because of the plot, characters and general atmosphere of the show. Though I wouldn’t go around and recommending it to every single person I see, and I won’t say that all other anime aside from it is bad, but it will always have a soft spot in my heart.

Aside from Toradora, I’d say my other favourite would be the Monogatari series, as it a beautiful peace of animation,with great character development, engaging dialogue, thought provoking themes, deep plot, intelligent humour, symbolism…. meanwhile at Shaft. I also guess that Taiga and Shinobu are the sole reason why I love tiny girls so much. But thats a discussion for another post.

Essentially anything I give a 10 on my list is a favourite of a genre, or has something unique, that other shows have not been able to show me. And I of course would recommend you take a look at those shows, if not all then at least some.

100 anime days – Day 1

September 16th, 2015

In 2013 when I just became an exec in anime@UTS, Anthony and I started this “game” where every day we would post 1 question on the club FB group and all the new and existing members would reply to. These questions ranged from favourite anime characters, to most hated moments, but were always related to anime. We called it 100 days of anime. Now, almost 3 years later, the list has found me again (thanks to a certain kiri bird), and I decided, why not do it again, this time on my blog. It would give it new life, and honestly when was the last time I blogged about anything anime related?


Day 1 – Very first anime

Ok, so this one is a bit tough, mainly because when I was a kid and watched Cartoon Network and Jetix, I had no idea that some of the shows I watched were actually anime (Japanese made animated TV shows). So excluding stuff like Pokemon, Digimon, Shaman King, etc. my first anime would be Chobits. Its a romantic comedy about a guy in modern Japan, who falls in love with a robot (I know crazy right…. We shall see who has the last laugh in about 20 years when that becomes the norm). Its a rather touching story about love, hardships and life in general; spiced up by sci-fi and echi.

Why did I watch it? My friend Andrew from the UK (well he is actually Ukranian, but lives in the UK) came over to Latvia for a visit and he just got into anime himself. What better way to share your interests then to spread them around. We opened up YouTube and watched my first ever (proper) anime, English dub though.

Then I watched Love Hind, Ouran, Umisho, Hayate, Zero no Tsukaima, Index, etc…. etc…

Kiev Metro – rooftop view

September 2nd, 2015

And that, my friends is how to catch a free train ride. Not just jumping the gates, or evading the inspectors, thats kids play. Sydney, you thought riding on the metal hook between carriages was hip, try tiding on the roof.

Обережно, двері зачиняються, наступна станція Лiвобережна.

PS: Please don’t try this at home kids.

anime@UTS does hanami

August 30th, 2015

As per tradition, every year anime@UTS heads over to Auburn to experience the beauty of the Japanese sakura trees.  This year was no different. Unfortunately due to the large storm that hit Sydney the previous Monday, there weren’t many blossoms left, but enough to get us excited and to take so many beautiful photos. This year it wasn’t just UTS who attended either, all of AnimeSydney  was there together! If you have never seen Japanese sakura, you should defintelly check out Auburn next year in September. I know for sure that we will be there again.

Photos here:


In Latvia, ice spins you

August 17th, 2015

What do we do when its really cold and we run out of potatoes? We cut ice with a chain-saw and then make the ice spin, of course! Now I know what to tell my friends when they ask me what is Latvia famous for.

The WalkCar

August 9th, 2015

Portable electrical vehicles are all the rage these days. People are getting lazier and lazier, so they don’t want to walk from place to place, they want to ride something, something that will do the work for them. First came Segways now self balancing unicycles and boards. Well Japan has just one-upped us once again. They bring the world the WalkCar. Its a flat board, with 4 motor powered wheels. No need for stabilisation and is powerful enough to go up hills and push loads.

This device is without a doubt going to be very useful for a variety of tasks, however it raises an interesting question: when will convenience start making our life worse and not better. To iterate, sure it may be very convenient to ride this device up hills and when pushing loads, but what is stopping people from using it all the time everywhere. And if we do, won’t we slowly transform into those fat and lazy human blobs that we saw in WALL-E? There is no end to human laziness, and eventually our ingenuity and strive for convenience will be our downfall. Think about that before using one of these boards on a regular basis.

Aussie slang

July 29th, 2015

One thing all my international friends can agree on is that it is hard to understand Aussies speak. They generally speak too fast, don’t pronounce words clearly enough, and shorten everything. And I mean everything!

This video was shown to us at the UTS Accomplish: Adapting to the Australian workplace lecture/ seminar, and over 80% of the students in the room had no idea what they said in the last sentence. Watch it yourself and see how accustomed to Australia you have become.

Beware of flying apples

July 21st, 2015

Flying Apples

You know how much I love Apple and apples. I love the tech and I love eating all sorts of delicious fruit. What I don’t like, is when apples start flying. Now that, my friends, is terrifying.

Las night I was heading back home at around 11pm. Then while walking back home on the empty roads of Rhodes, minding my own business, I hear a whizzing sound of something falling, I thought it was a bird flying by, or maybe a broken tree branch, but I was greatly mistaken. A Granny Smith apple had fallen onto the bonnet of a parked car.

As any normal person, I look up to see,
wether I was walking past an apple tree.
Which I was not,
and where it came from I could not spot.
Leaving it be and proceeding home,
I was bewildered by the apple that’d flown.
A few seconds later, and to my surprise,
another apple had fallen from the skies.
This time much closer to me,
so I couldn’t just … let it be.
Pretty damn shocked I ran for my flat,
away from all these apples that fly and go splat!
Reaching my room and telling Alex the story,
he laughed for a bit, but then he got worried.
Crazy people are crazy indeed,
lets be a bit carful. Agreed!

Hope you liked my little tale. I tried to rhyme the best I could, cause I thought I might be a poet, but didn’t even know it!