Anime Day 4


What is the LAST anime you watched that made you cry?

Crying isn’t a manly thing, but god damn even I have feelings. So to put it simply: Wolf Childern. Why? Well ever since first watching the movie in Japan back in 2012, I have always thought that this is one of the most touching family stories I have ever seen. And watching it over and over (4 times now) makes me appreciate it even more with every re-watch. And every time I cry and a few particular scene. I don’t want to go into spoilers, so all I can say is that there are multiple moments throughout the movie which will bring a tear to anyones eye. So my last re-watch of this was in 2014 Autumn, so yes, this would be the last anime I watched that made me cry.

Want to read my non-spoiler review of the movie, click this link.