The Pixar Theory – They Are All Connected!

July 16th, 2013


 I went to my good friend Clara’s blog and saw an article about Pixar. Well Pixar being my favorite western animation studio (Shaft, KyoAni, Ghibli are still my top3 in japan) I just had to read it. It is a interesting theory by this guy – Jon Negoroni but its so crazy that it might even be true! Hey they even mention time travel to fit in Monsters Inc and Brave.

As Clara put it, she was:


I concur! After reading this theory I have the sudden urge to to rewatch all the Pixar movies in the chronological order that he made as if they were connected.

Monsters University

June 20th, 2013


Hey, have you heard? There is a new movie out by Pixar called Monsters University! Yea that right its a prequel to Monsters Inc. Why am I telling you this? Well today is the day it got screened in Australia and I went to watch it with Saya.

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Wolf Children Screening and Q&A with the director

April 15th, 2013


Remember when I first blogged about how I got to see Wolf Children Ame and Yuki in Osaka in July? Well After that Madman had a screening of Wolf children in Sydney, sometime in September, I think, and thats when most of my friends from the anime club went to watch it together. Of course I was with them, and I can say that I cried more the second time I watched it, then the first. Anyway, fast forward to today and here we are again, at a madman screening of Wolf Children. But it is no ordinary screening when you just get to watch the movie.

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September 2nd, 2012


С 30го Августа по 12 сентября в Сиднее проходит фестиваль русского кино. Когда мои друзья меня уведомили об этом мероприятии, я был весьма заинтересован.  Read More

GTO Drama 2012

July 11th, 2012

GTO Drama

If you are even a bit into japanese TV or animation, you must have heard the tile Great Teacher Onizuka. It is a world famous series with a manga, which started in 1997, a japanese TV drama (TV series) which was broadcasted in 1998, and then a 43 episode anime which aired in 1999-2000. And now, in the summer of 2012 they have decided to remake the TV drama into a more modern version with a slight change in story. It is being broadcasted all over Japan on Fuji TV every tuesday at 10:15PM (literally its being aired as I am writing this, too bad I don’t have a TV set in my room ).

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Dick Figures

June 20th, 2012

Dick Figures the movie

Cause ur awesome!

This is an amazing series made by mondo media (same people who made Happy Tree Friends) and it is in all ways awesome!

It features the life of Red (the red stick figure) and Blue (the blue stick figure) and their friends: japanese raccoon, Lord Tourettes, Mr. Dingleberry, Pink, Stacy and Jason. They go on these all out crazy adventures and crazy killing sprees XD

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June 8th, 2012






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