Cosplay, its an art of dressing up as a character from a TV series, movie, game or any other form of media. You get to pretend to be your favourite character, maybe act out a scene or two from the show/game.

My friends from anime@uts and JASS are doing this thing on Facebook where they talk about their cosplay experiences and tag other people to do it too. So I have been tagged, and instead of posting it on Facebook (ugh Facebook), I’m gonna talk about it here, on my blog.

Cosplay description:

  1. Anizawa Meito (Anime Tenchou) – the mascot for and a side character from Lucky☆Star. (AnimeSydney christmas party 2012; Madoka Magika Movie 1,2 screening 2012, AnimeSydney christmas party 2013)
  2. AcceleratorTo Aru Majutsu no Index / Kagaku no Railgun  (Clubs day 2013, SMASH 2013)
  3. Business Kyuubey – Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika (Madoka Magika movie 3 screening 2014, UTS O-Day 2014).
  4. Haruka NanaseFree! (every week at least twice at the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre)

Satisfied with:

  • Anizawa Meito. I just really like the character and his clothes. Whenever he appears in Lucky Star he is awesome, genki and just plain crazy; and I think I am like that too sometimes, so he is perfect. The clothes were bought off eBay.
  • Business Kyuubey was really good too. Getting the cosplay together was a bit hard and expensive as I purchased a real vest, shirt and pants. But it worked out and I won a prize.
  • I only swim free…. breaststroke and butterfly

Neutral thoughts:

  • Accelerator. His cosplay wasn’t too hard to put together and it was rather fun to walk around SMASH with a walking stick. It was hard walking round with a wig the whole day though, that is the only thing I don’t like about cosplays and I stick to characters with black hair.

Most unsatisfactory: 

  • None yet, pretty happy with all my cosplays so far.


So now that you have heard about my cosplaying history, thoughts and future. I would like to hear yours: Ruben, Clara, and Amy.