Happy 1 year anniversary, my darling.

September 23rd, 2014

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It is amazing how fast this year went by, and its not just because I am living and “studying” in Japan. I’ve have been together with this great girl you see on your left for exactly a year now, which is exactly 365 days more than if we weren’t dating. Coincidence? I think not!

Sometime in September 2013, after exiting a sour relationship, I thought I would just relax until Japan, focus on my studies and work, live my life without a care in the world. But something happened, a girl from my Japanese class who used to only talk to me about Free! suddenly invited me to listen to her presentation because it was on the topic of magical girls, and she figured an otaku like me would like to hear it. I was free at the time, so I decided: “whyyyyy not?”. It was a good presentation, she got a good mark, but thats not the point. I guess after coming out of a relationship where the other side didn’t accept your interest, there was suddenly this person who enjoy similar, if not the same, things as you, it lit a spark somewhere in me. Not only was she into anime, but she had a sense of style, a sense of taste in things, heck she studies visual communications (design). I was interested.

It wasn’t long before we went for dinner together (no literarily it was that evening after the presentation). We had lunches together, karaoke, and just talked in class and on twitter. We even flirted using emoji on twitter. Then the time came for the exam and VC weeks, so I would not be able to see her or talk to her much. I didn’t want that, so I decided to invite her to watch a movie on the holidays, the first monday of the holidays, September 23rd. You can probably see where this is going.

First date, confession, second date, third date, ……, one year together, ->>>>>>>

She was shy; I was a nerd; And now we are together.

I’m sure we will continue our amazing relationship and win the best couple award (made by Seb). She is my best girl, and I am her best girl ♡.

Happy anniversary Amy!


September 21st, 2014


Cosplay, its an art of dressing up as a character from a TV series, movie, game or any other form of media. You get to pretend to be your favourite character, maybe act out a scene or two from the show/game.

My friends from anime@uts and JASS are doing this thing on Facebook where they talk about their cosplay experiences and tag other people to do it too. So I have been tagged, and instead of posting it on Facebook (ugh Facebook), I’m gonna talk about it here, on my blog.

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Hiroshima – 広島

September 20th, 2014


After a relaxing and rejuvenating stay at Kurokawa, Amy and I continued our travels. Now we are heading to the city of Hiroshima, best known for its century old shrine and gate on the water (Miyajima Jinja) and of course the atomic bombing of 1945.

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Kurokawa Onsen – 黒川温泉

September 20th, 2014

Summer holidays are not over, and neither are my travels. This time my girl and I set on an adventure to venture into the mountains of Kumamoto prefecture, into a small town called Kurokawa onsen. It took us 3 hours to get there by bus from Kumamoto station; it was a long ride, but totally worth it.

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iPhone 6 and the Watch

September 10th, 2014


Yesterday Apple announced the new generation iPhone and they had one more thing to say. The new iPhone comes in 2 models the iPhone6 and the 6+ with 4.7′ and 5.5′ screens respectively. They got a spec bump over the previous generation and a new slimmer design. Thats pretty much it. For features Apple introduced Pay, a service which will replace all your credit cards and allow you to pay with your iPhone using NFC. That’s awesome, but only available in the US for now.

Then came the big news, Apple announced their first wearable – the Watch. The smart watch field is something new to Apple and they decided that now would be the perfect time to try to make one. And they did, and its pretty. Read all about it on their website, they can describe it much better then I can.


Though I would like to say, I would like to buy both the phone and the watch, the iPhone 6 is not worth it without Pay and Australia doesn’t have it yet. And the watch is still in its first generation, coming out in Jan or Feb next year. Maybe its worth waiting for the iWatch 2, which will be thinner and better.

The hype for September 9th

September 5th, 2014


We all knew it was coming, but we probably have no idea how little know, and what to expect. I am of course talking about the September 9th Apple Keynote. Every year Apple has held a Keynote around this time in September to introduce their new hardware, more specifically new iPhones. We (by we I mean all the denizens of the internet and beyond) were all guessing that this year won’t be different. Oh boy, were we wrong. Well I can’t say for a fact yet, but come September 10th 2-4am Japan time, and I will be able to say that we were.

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