Telegram instant messenger


There are a lot of instant messaging apps around like: WhatsApp, Line, WeeChat, Viber, Skype, FB Messenger, etc. But this app caught my attention because of the promise they make. The promise of privacy. Telegram promises to provide the user with a encrypted messaging service that helps you protect your private information not only from the american government, but also from your friends. It has an option, similar to what Snapchat offers with its photos, a setting that will self destruct the message after a certain period of time, such as 5 seconds.

This app works very well and has a good iOS7 inspired interface. I tested out the self destruct message feature and it works brilliantly. To engage a secret chat, both users need to be online (similar to old Skype) and the messages will disappear after 5 sec (or more if you change it).
Another reason why I got interested in this app is because it was created by the people who created (Nikolai and Pavel Durov) – the Russian Facebook clone. This means that this app is gonna be the most popular instant messaging service in Russia, so I have to get it!
I recommend you all try it out and see how good its features are. There is also a TechCrunch article about it here.