Weekend with Drawing Circle


As you know I am the screenings director for Anime@UTS and an active member of JASS, but as of last year I also joined a newly formed club called: the Drawing Circle. As the name implies its a club of artistic people who love to draw, sketch, design and just make pretty things. Well I have quite a few friends there and so I decided to join as well, cause why not, however I haven’t really gone to any events, aside from the joint Pokemon event with the anime club. So now that I am dating a girl who is pretty much an exec of that club (not really but kinda), I though it would be nice to come to their events as well.

Starting off at the AGM on friday, I got to know more people from their society and participate in the election of the new executive team, who would be responsible for running the club in 2014. Then continuing on to Saturday when we went to the Art Gallery of NSW to view the Renaissance to Goya exhibition happening there at the time. Not only did we get to see that, but we also wandered around the whole gallery and took photos where permitted. In regards to photos, I didn’t take many (the ones that I did are at the end of this post), but my bro Sebastian, now bearing a high quality DSLR camera, took a lot of great photos all over the gallery. You can view them here:

Renaissance to Goya

Last, but not least, was our outing today to Bronte → Bondi for the Sculptures by the Sea art exhibition. It was awesome! So many interesting and unusual art pieces lined up next to the ocean. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t that great so the photos didn’t turn out that well, but aside from that the day was really enjoyable. And of course I spent all 3 of these days with my beautiful and artistically gifted girlfriend Amy (_AmeH_) and other people from the Drawing Circle. Once again my bro Sebastian took all the photos (I forgot to charge my camera….. again….. /cry). And they are all on his:

Sculptures by the Sea

And here are some of the photos I took: