My ClariS can’t be this cute!


I made this as a music monday a few weeks ago. Copy pasta from the Anime@UTS website.

Hello and welcome to the first thrilling episode of Music Monday with your host JamieJakov.

If you have you seen Ore Imo, Madoka Magika or Nisemonogatari you should be familiar with the group ClariS.

ClariS is a japanese pop music duo, consisting of high school girls Clara and Alice. The duo was formed in 2009 when the girls did a cover of the Vocaloid song “Step to You“. ClariS became popular because they were uploading their songs to the japanese video sharing website Niko Niko Douga.

After being signed by the Japanese record label SME Records, ClariS released their first major debut single “Irony” – The opening theme for Ore Imo. It was so successful that The Good Smile Company even released Nendroid versions of Clara and Alice.

Shortly after (February 2011) ClariS released their second hit single “Connect” which was used as the opening theme for Madoka Magika. Connect was awarded the Gold Disc for exceeding 100,000 copies shipped within a year.

Their forth single “Naisho no Hanashi” which was composed by Ryo os supercell was used in 2012 as the ending theme for Nisemonogatari.

The latest piece from ClariS is the Moyashimon Returns opening theme: “Wake up“. Also a new single called “Luminous” will be released October 10th and will be the used as the theme song for the upcoming Madoka Magika movie

P.S. I’m going to sing all of these song when we go to Karaoke next!