EB EXPO 2012

October 6th, 2012

EB Expo

5-7 October is in Sydney Olympic Park there is an event. Not just any event. Its a game exposition! EB EXPO SYDNEY 2012 brought to you by EB Games Australia. My good friend Hussein and I wen there today, for a full day of adventure, fun and new experiences with new, unreleased games.

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My ClariS can’t be this cute!

October 3rd, 2012


I made this as a music monday a few weeks ago. Copy pasta from the Anime@UTS website.

Hello and welcome to the first thrilling episode of Music Monday with your host JamieJakov.

If you have you seen Ore Imo, Madoka Magika or Nisemonogatari you should be familiar with the group ClariS.

ClariS is a japanese pop music duo, consisting of high school girls Clara and Alice. The duo was formed in 2009 when the girls did a cover of the Vocaloid song “Step to You“. Read More

Duo Gamer iOS wireless controller

October 2nd, 2012

OMG now you people are gonna use their iPhones, iPod touches and iPad as portable consoles… And then complain why the graphics are worse than on a PS3…. Oh god