Stop Motion


Are you people familiar with the art of Stop Motion video?

Stop Motion is an animation technique to make physical objets seem to move on their own. The objects are moved little by little and then a photo is captured of them in a particular pose. Then after being moved a bit again, another photo is captured. This is repeated until the end of the movement and then the when the photos are put one after another at 20 or so frames per second, a relatively smooth video is made.

Using stop motion, Joe Penna (better know online as MysteryGuitarMan) has made his YouTube career. If you are unfamiliar with his videos, I highly recommend you watch his amazing stop motion videos on YouTube now!

Inspired by MysteryGuitarMan me and my friends back home in Latvia made our own stop motion video. Photos were taken by my best friend back home Gexgrino. Our video is nothing compared to MysteryGuitarMan, but we tried and actually made something!

Making the video was a lot of fun, and maybe I might do something similar again in the future.