Sydney Jazz and Blues Festival at Darling Harbour

Jazz and Blues

Photo by Rubenerd (he has more good pics).

9th – 11th of June there is a Jazz and Blues festival happening in Darling Harbour Sydney. So yesterday we decided to go look around and listen to some music. We includes @Rubenerd, @Sebasu_tan, @hanezawakirika, @adasifs, @Keodara_, @alchmyest and me @jamiejakov.

At first we met up at the UTS tower at 3:30 and just went towards Darling Harbour, where we listened to Kira Puru & the Bruise fro about 30 mins. Then we got Ruben a hot cup of coffee to keep him warm and went under the big tent to watch the last performance of the day.

James Morrison, an Australian music legend, live on stage! It was marvelous. Here are 3 videos that i managed to film with my iPhone.

Also here are some quotes that James Morrison said in between the pieces:

  • “What kind of music we playing now? HALF shuffle?! Screw that, we do nothing HALF here!”
  • James Morrison telling us how to defrag all our keytars to boot faster!
  • Jazz, it’s cooler than indie!
  • You make me feeeeeeel! Like a naaaatural woman!
  • Everything, EVERYTHING is on YouTube within 10 minutes now, I’ve learned!
  • If anyone has a trumpet, a horn, you have to play it along with us. Guess we should have told you to bring it!