Kyushu Christmas trip

December 30th, 2014

Huis Ten Bosch

This winter break being far away from home, far away from our families, Amy and I went on an adventure around Kyushu to see everything it has to offer. For our 6 day trip we, went to Nagasaki and the deserted island of Gunkanjima, Huis Ten Bosch theme park, Beppu city and the town of Yufuin. I’ll try to write up as much as I can, but it is late and we are sleepy.

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Hiroshima – 広島

September 20th, 2014


After a relaxing and rejuvenating stay at Kurokawa, Amy and I continued our travels. Now we are heading to the city of Hiroshima, best known for its century old shrine and gate on the water (Miyajima Jinja) and of course the atomic bombing of 1945.

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Visiting the capital

June 13th, 2013

parliament house

I have been living in Australia for almost 3 years now, but I have never been to the capital! *shock* So I decided that now, right before exams, would be the perfect time to go visit this small city. And what fun is it to go alone… So of course I went there together with my girlfriend at the time – Saya.

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