Congratulations and Farewell

November 24th, 2013

Farewell Dinner

All good things come to an end. Like, for example, calling people up and making bookings, checking new residents in, and welcoming new staff to the team. There comes a time when we must part with the ones who have become and unforgettable part of this small group who help function the system that is urbanest Quay Street, the ones who we call family. Of course I am talking about our beloved Community Netwokers – Wilmer and Megan. They are finishing their degrees at university and they are either going back to their home countries or seeking other future prospects. Both of you will be greatly missed, you have truly become part of the family and we can not imagine life at urbanest without you.

To celebrate the building being full for semester 2 of 2013 and to bid farewell to 2 members of you big family we held a dinner. Nothing classy, just the TV room, some food and a cake! Overall it was a very pleasant dinner, and we will all miss you guys! Please visit once in a while, or at least message us!!!!

Here are some photos from the night, most taken by our new Community Networker – Darrell:


Kayaking with the urbanest team

April 7th, 2013

kayaking photo

Here at urbanest Quay Street we have 4 and 6 bedroom apartments where everyone gets their own en-suit room and you share the kitchen and living room area with your flatmates. Book now we only have a few rooms left!!! ….

NOooooooooooooT! We are full! And have been for a while. And this is all thanks to our amazing team, who put a lot of effort into making bookings and filling up the building. But of course no good deed goes unrewarded. So we are all going KAYAKING together!

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Bird is the Word

August 12th, 2012

Rainbow Lorikeet

Ever since I started living in Australia, I had some pretty cool/crazy stuff happen to me, but nothing compared to what went down yesterday. Imagine this, my friend Maria comes back from work at 6pm, opens her door (she lives on the 15th floor) and sees a Rainbow Lorikeet flying in her room.

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Urbanest hoodie!

June 21st, 2012


On sale now! These awesome green urbanest hoodies are now officially on sale! For only 44.99$ you can be a proud owner of this fabulous jumper.

It comes in different sizes so it fits perfectly. If you want one, you have to be an urbanest resident. So if you are, just come down to reception and get one now!

Feels like family (i lied) XD

May 31st, 2012

This video was sent to my email today. I thought it was something about rebooking for next semester at urbanest or something like that.

As it turns out it was a video about the urbanest family, and it had me in it! Im a star!

I remember being filmed for this, got 100$ out of it! But it was a fun day, just sat there in the TV Room and answered some questions 🙂

The only problem was that sitting on 3 bean bags without head support for 2 hours really hurt my neck XD

PS. I lied in the vid, i don’t even care about all these people XDD

PS.S. I lied again, I actually do 😛