Golden Week in Kansai

May 8th, 2014


Golden Week is a holiday in Japan which consists of multiple celebrations such as Showa day, Constitution Memorial day, Greenery day, Children’s day. It is the time of year, where pretty much all of Japan starts traveling around to visit places that they haven’t been to, or places that they would want to visit again. Even though neither Amy nor me are Japanese, we decided to embark on a journey of our own. From the 2nd till the 7th of May we went to Kansai (one of the central regions of Japan) and visited the cities of Kyoto, Nara and Osaka.

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Trick Art

July 27th, 2012


Today was the last time in the next 2 years (probably) that I saw one of my best friends: Kosuke. We went to Osaka Dome where there is a quite an interesting exhibition happening. In japanese they call it Trick Art, basically optical illusions.

Paintings drawn on walls, but with parts of the body sticking out of the frame, making it look like they are 3D. It was a lot of fun. Here are some awesome pics:



July 26th, 2012

Tenjinmatsuir Osaka

Yesterday (25th of July) was the day of the Tanjin Matsuri in Osaka. My classmates and I decided to go there and have fun.

Imagine a typical japanese festival with all the stalls and stuff and us walking in that huge bunch of people in the heat….. It was +32 over there, + the amount of people that gathered there wasn’t really helping…..

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Japan – Osaka – Gel Bananas

July 2nd, 2012

Nyaru Exhibition

Im in Japaaaannnn yaaaaay!!!
Met up with Kosuke and Tac at Nanba Station and we went around Nipponbashi.

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