The HU

July 7th, 2020

You know it’s that kind of day when you end up listening to a Mongolian rock / metal band.

This is not the first time I stumbled upon some cool Mongolian music, check out the post I made about throat sining:

Mongolian Throat Singing

January 8th, 2017

You know that country between Russia and China? That country that no-one really talks about at all, and the last time was involved in something was in the 1200s. I am of course talking about Mongolia.

Recently I have been researching interesting places in the world to travel to, and Mongolia is high up on that list, of obscure places where people don’t usually travel to. Once of the reasons my eyes were set on Mongolia, was due to this beautiful performance and the stunning views behind him. As a photography enthusiast, I just jump at any opportunity to take some amazing shots of exotic places around the world. And I believe Mongolia will offer me some great views.

Lets hope that my plans work out and in 2018 Feb I will cruising down the valleys of Mongolia.