Cliff side photo from drone

Photography, from a different angle

July 29th, 2019

For the longest time I have been taking photos with a DSLR camera, and sometimes with my iPhone. Recently however, I’ve been tempted by the beautiful photos from all these photobloggers and instagrammers, who capture absolutely stunning shots from angles that are near impossible, unless you have a device that can fly.

So after some consideration, I decided to spend a bit of cash and buy myself a drone – named Senkuu. I went for the DJI Mavic Air with the fly more combo (for the extra batteries), and so far its been performing absolutely amazingly. When flying it, I feel like I am a kid again, playing with a radio controlled toy, only this time its not a toy but a really amazing piece of technology that can help me capture the wonders of the world from an angle that I could not before.

I’ve taken quite a few shots with the drone and I am sure I will be taking plenty more.

You can find all the photos on my Flickr.