Chatmonchy – Bus Romance

June 18th, 2013

When my lovely Saya and I went to Canberra last wednesday (13th June), on the bus there she let me listen to some of the music on her iPhone. One of the songs was Bus romance by Chatmonchy. Well this whole week I could not get this song out of my head, especially because Saya would humm or sing it at times. I found the music video (MV) for it on vimeo, lets hope it doesnt get taken down.


I have heard of Chatmonchy before, but only because she sang the song Thermae Roman which is the ending theme for the anime Thermae Romae. I instantly liked her voice and style of singing, but didn’t actually bother to download any of her other songs. And then here we are almost a year after I watched Thermae Romae, I hear Chatmonchy again!