Beijing Day 3 & 4

July 1st, 2012

wall of china

DAY 3:

As a man of the Nights Watch, it is my duty to protect The Wall from everything that lies north. That is why I was given the mission of going up on top of The Wall.

The Great Wall of China! I architecture marvel, if I do say so myself. To get up there we had to take a cable car up into the mountains.

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China (Beijing) Day 2 – Forbidden City

June 30th, 2012


So the plan for day 2 was:

  • TianAnMen Square
  • The Forbidden City
  • The Temple of Heaven
  • A visit to a silk factory

A pretty full day. It was rather tiring, but we managed to pull though!

TianAnMen Squire, the biggest square in the world. It is huuuuuuge! I can’t image what goes down when half of china is gathered there. There were lots of tourists nevertheless, so it gave a pretty good understanding of the size.

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China (Beijing) Day 1

June 30th, 2012


I have already written up a post about me walking around Beijing during the first day while waiting for my parents. So now, since I have normal internet again, I will continue the story.

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Walking around Beijing…

June 23rd, 2012


After a good nights sleep and a solid breakfast (fried rice with bacon and fruit) i decided to wander around town cause my parents will obly arive at 3pm today.

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Reached Beijing!

June 23rd, 2012

beijing airport

After spending 14 hours in the plane, I’m in a cozy bed in a hotel in Beijing.
Only to find Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Google, Foursquare (on my phone for some reason, even though the normal website works fine), YouTube and other awesome sites to be completelly blocked… Well i knew about it, but dang yo 🙁

P.S. WordPress is blocked too, but for some reason i can still write blog posts through the iOS app *_*