Muza Birthday

Happy Birthday Muzaffar!

November 6th, 2016

Some people go to dinner, others just chill at home, what does Muza do? He organises a place at Jervis Bay for the night and gets together a gang of Russians (Uzbek, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Latvian and Kazak Russians) and takes us all to the beautiful beaches. Early wakeup on Saturday followed by a 2.5h drive out to Jervis Bay resulted in us getting some good sun, a few dips in the cold water and a hike through the national park. In the evening, as per tradition, we have shashlik (skewered meat) on the grill and some drinks, while chatting into the night.

All I wanna say is a big thank you to Muza, for organising, cooking and well being such a great guy! Happy Birthday my friend, wish you health and happiness, and of course all the best with work and your personal life.

Photos from our outing are right here:


Sunrise Photography

March 25th, 2016

Ever since I got a new DSLR and lenses, I have been intrigued by the opportunities it has given me in terms of my photography. I have been trying out various angles, lighting, scenery (whenever I travel) and try get photos that would leave my viewers amazed. And I thought I was doing pretty well. But as with anything, there will always be someone who is better then you. Even though that sounds discouraging, I believe that its important to befriend that person and ask them to teach, to mentor you until you acquire skills similar to theirs.

That is exactly what I have done with my photography. First, my Singaporean friend Darrell showed me the ropes, taught me the basics of manual shooting. Then in Japan, our Turkish gaijin Burak showed me some tips and tricks with night photography, moving objects and just refined my skills overall. While I was away, my potato friend Seb learned a lot about photography and pretty much taught me how to post-process photos in Lightroom to make then even better. Now after starting my new job at WiseTech Global, I have met yet another person who has amazing skills, that I would love to learn – Anton. Please check out his photos on his website FotoForge and Facebook Page. He loves taking photos of the environment: landscapes, seascapes, buildings, anything. And he invited me to take photos of the sunrise at Maroubra beach. And as you can imagine, the views were stunning. Take a look:


Day 6++ Sokha Beach

March 15th, 2014

Borei Angkor

(above image is from our previous hotel: Borei Angkor)

Now we have reached our final destination – Sokha Beach hotel in Sihanoukville. Here we will be spending 6 days just relaxing on the beach and eating fresh fruit. But I will be posting up more photos from the hotel and stuff later on (by the end of the trip).

For now, have some from our previous hotel:



July 7th, 2013


ラトビアと言えばやっぱりユールマラだな〜  Ja tu gribi kaut kur atpūsties tad brauc uz jūru, uz Jūrmalu! Солнце, пляж – отдыхай, плавай, загорай.

Jūrmala is a small city on the coast line 20km away from the capital Rīga. Its like Goal Coast in a way, nice beaches, lots of people and a lot of attractions. I went there with my family and our family friends just for a stroll and to spend the nice day outside at the beach.

Here are some pics on my