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July 14th, 2013

Eleanor Roosevelt photo

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”


July 13th, 2013

antichamber level

Today I finally finished this great game. Wow, just wow. I really love puzzle games and I can say this is a very high quality puzzle game. It makes you think out of the box (or should I say cube XD). I am talking of course about Antichamber.

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July 12th, 2013




– 序論

ティモシー・ジョン・バーナーズ=リーは1990年にWold Wide Web (WWW)を考案し、ハイパーテキストシステムを実装・開発した人物である(ウィキペディア、2013)。 インターネットが普及する前はテレビや新聞やラジオのようなメディアからのみ最近のニュースや情報を得る事ができた。そしてインターネットが広がると同時に、情報を手に入れる方法も増加した。 その方法の一つはソーシャルメディアである。 現代社会では、人々は完全にインターネットに夢中になっている。



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Little Witch Academia 2 Kickstarter

July 10th, 2013

Little witch academia OVA

Kickstarter, kickstarter, kickstarter… This service is changing they way the world works – games, movies, tech and now even anime is using Kickstarter to gather funds for creating their projects. This time around we have Studio Trigger who brought us Inferno Cop and Little Witch Academia and coming out with Kill la Kill in Fall has decided to use kickstarter as a platform to aquire funds for creating a sequel to Little Witch Academia.

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The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Today

July 9th, 2013

Dash IT! from Alexandr Tanana on Vimeo.


July 8th, 2013


For lunch today my parents took me to Lido. Lido is a restaurant and a small amusement center located 10 minutes away from the center of Riga. Not only does it look like a building from the countryside of Latvia, but the food there is also traditional and specific to the more rural regions of Latvia. And of course it is extremely delicious!

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July 7th, 2013


ラトビアと言えばやっぱりユールマラだな〜  Ja tu gribi kaut kur atpūsties tad brauc uz jūru, uz Jūrmalu! Солнце, пляж – отдыхай, плавай, загорай.

Jūrmala is a small city on the coast line 20km away from the capital Rīga. Its like Goal Coast in a way, nice beaches, lots of people and a lot of attractions. I went there with my family and our family friends just for a stroll and to spend the nice day outside at the beach.

Here are some pics on my

Summer 2013 anime

July 4th, 2013


2013 summer season of anime has officially started today with a marvelous new show by Kyoto Animation: Free!

Here is a list of what I am looking forward to and picking up, not guaranteeing that I wont drop some though:

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Our new Samsung 46F8500 TV

July 4th, 2013


When I arrived back home and set foot in my house again after 3 years of being abroad, I could not help but notice the 12 year old TV in our living room. It was a Sony Trinitron and looked something like this, I dont have a picture of ours and we already gave it away. とにかく、it was old and outdated, a serious upgrade was required. Thankfully my dad was on my side on this one and so we set out to buy a new TV, yay!

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Farewell CityRail

July 1st, 2013


This afternoon (night in Sydney) my friends were complaining about another change in their daily life. This time it was the CityRail website. According to Wikipedia: “CityRail ceased trading on 30 June 2013 and was replaced by Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink.” Which of course means that the website had to be redesigned as well with the new company logo and new colors. I personally don’t mid the new orange color scheme , they only changed the color itself but not the gradient. I wish they would get rid of that 3Dish look of the buttons and headers of the timetables and trip planer. But oh well I can’t really complain.

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