Anime Day 19

Day 19 – Best anime villain

Who is the best villain? Well to answer this question, we must first identify who is a villain? Does he have to be human? How bad are his deeds supposed to be for us to decide wether he is a “bad guy” or a “good guy”? These questions are rather hard to answer on the spot, but I can definitely say that for me a villain is a character that acts against social norms, but not just for the sake of it, but because they have a good reason behind it. For example Lelouch is a great villain, because he has seen the world, wanted to change in, and accomplished his mission, even though he kinda screwed everyone over in the process. I like characters like that, as they have a good motive for their actions, and ultimately want change.  *SPOILERS AHEAD*

The villain I have chosen is Shounen Batto from Paranoia Agent.  He is supposedly this boy on rollerblades with a metal batt, whacking people on the head whenever they are in peril. Well in reality there is no Shounen Batto, he is just a materialisation of peoples stress and paranoia. They want to make their problems go away by blaming someone else – Shounen Batt. They want to be free of pressure and stress by being the victim of an accident. And they want to escape the scary reality and hide in their safe space.

This concept makes Shounen Batto the ultimate villain! Reality hits you hard – literally with a metal batt. People are afraid of it, people try avoiding it, people hide from it, because reality is scary, but you must face it! Strong people overcome hardships, can you overcome the stress and paranoia of the real world? Can you beat Shounen Batto!