Sakurajima – 桜島


What are your first thoughts when you hear the words active volcano? Mine used to be: “run away as fast as I can”. But ever since I came to Kagoshima these words have changed to something more calm. Thats right, even though Sakurajima volcano is active and erupts about 3 times a day, it is still fairly safe and there are even people living on the used-to-be island. In 1914 a great eruption happened, and thus Sakurajima was connected to the peninsula and lost its status as an island, but the name remains and literally means Cherry Blossom Island.

After living next to this giant mountain for over 8 months, I finally decided to pay it a visit. I summoned the gang and we set off to Sakurajima. To get there we took a ferry from the port, its a 24 hour service with boats running every 15 minutes (every hour during the night). You gotta love Japan for its convenient transport. On the “island” we went to the information centre, where they have an exhibit of the history of the volcano, from its formation to present day (I took photos). Then we ought the bus which took us to the interesting spots close to the city (we didn’t actually go around the whole volcano, cause the bus which does that leaves at 9:40am and there is no way we would get up that early and another at 2:30pm, but we were already there at 11am, so didn’t want to wait).

Unfortunately we didn’t get much son, so the photos aren’t as energetic and colourful, but good nevertheless.  Upon our return the gang went to Kagoshima Central station where they have an shop for import foods. Thats where we bought all our christmas chocolate (and Haribos). And in the evening there was a very heated UNO match, which I didn’t win, but I didn’t end up loosing either, so thats good.

Great day, great photos, please enjoy: