Appearing naked on Japanese TV – check!

onsen for foreigners

Onsen (温泉) is the Japanese word for hot spring and public bath. These bath houses are a very essential part of Japanese culture and there is even a fictional story about it (Thermae Romae). The reason I came to Japan was to experience all of its cultural aspects, and so I find myself going to an event for foreign exchange students to learn about the culture of Onsen.

The island of Kyushu (九州), on which Kagoshima is located, is famous across Japan for its beautiful and refreshing Onsen. As I have never been to one before, this was a great opportunity for me to try it out and learn the ways of the Onsen. Most importantly, you must get fully naked and wash yourself; then after making sure that your are perfectly clean, you can enter the relaxing and rejuvenating waters of the baths. Of course completely naked as well. For some it might be a rather embarrassing experience. Well let me just add that there were 5 TV channel crews and around 13 people in there with us. That was pretty….. interesting.

Well anyway, we were on TV! And on the NHK website.

Here are the videos:

At the end of this whole thing we were given a small lecture on how to make and pour real Japanese green tea. And we got a free teapot at the end! Its so pretty!

Original from NHK:

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