С Днём Рождения Unk!

April 28th, 2014

Дядя Валера! Хочу поздравить тебя с днём рождения! Желаю счастья, здоровья, всего наилучшего в жизни, удачи и успеха в бесконечной стройке дома. Так же надеюсь, что все в Украине наладится и мир восстановится. Надеюсь, что в ближайшие несколько лет нам удастся встретиться где-нибудь в этом мире, в Европе, Америке, Австралии или, например, Японии.

Надеюсь, что ты находишь время “играть” со своим компьютером. Я имею ввиду чтение техно блогов, испытание различных новых программ или аддонов, или даже покупку и добавку нового харда в сам комп.

Твой, на данный момент японский, племянник Вадим.


Fukurōka 福ロ岡

April 28th, 2014


Now that Tac has arrived in Japan last week for the JET program, we can once again go out to anime shops and arcades together! And thats pretty much what we did this weekend. Not quite. It all started in Saga. I came to see Amy and we went around Saga castle and Saga shrine. Very nice places: pretty, calm, beautiful; just like most of the things in Japan. The next day was more interesting, but also more painful (for our feet). We got to meet up with Tac in the (early) morning and catch a train to Hakata (Fukuoka). There was a rose exhibition there at the station, so we managed to get a lot of beautiful photos of roses! And you know what else they have there? A POKéMON centre! It is beautiful! So many Pikachus, Froakies, Chespins, Fennekins, etc… My love for Pokémon, which I thought to have died when I was 10 years old came back so I couldn’t help but spend a bit of money on some gorgeous goods.

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Climbing Mt.Takachihonomine 高千穂峰登山

April 19th, 2014


Today we went hiking in the mountains, walking up a mountain to be precise. In a car with 5 people we drove to Kirishima National Park and climbed (walked) to the top of Takachihono-mine mountain. After waking up at 8am, gathering at about 8:45, a almost 2 hour drive to the mountain, our walk to the top began. Tip for anyone who wants to go up mountains in Japan, buy these sock things that cover your shoes that prevent pebbles from getting in, by the end of our descent my shoes were completely full with pebbles and that was really annoying a bit painful. Unfortunately it has been really cloudy the past few days in Kagoshima, so we didn’t get any view from the mountain, but when we were going down, we got to see the crater of the volcano (the mountain used to be a volcano), which was at least something! We also visited a farm there, which is apparently really famous for their ice-cream, but we didn’t have any, we just bought some souvenirs (food).

It was definitely a fun thing to do, and I would love to go there again when the sun is out so I can take some amazing pictures! I did take some, so here they are:


Full moon over Kagoshima

April 16th, 2014

Full Moon over Sakurajima

Today, on the 15th of April, most of world could witness the lunar eclipse. We managed to get some great shots of the full moon in yellow and red colors. It was another great event/gathering organized by our friend Çağcan, thank you for organizing. Looking forward to spending the next 6 months with you, Calvin and other ryuugakusei who will only stay for another semester, and the next year with all the other newbies like me. Also cheers to Enchan for the tripod, without it I would not have been able to take such beautiful photos, which you can find right here:


In other news, I have almost finished settling in. Just need to receive the credit card from Kagoshima Bank (which they said might take up to 3-4 weeks) and buy myself a phone sim from bmobile as SoftBank does not allow me to use my own phone… Aside from that, I am done. And so my new life in Japan has officially begun!

Brand new day, brand new life!

April 10th, 2014



So here I am, in a new city in a (not so) new land, starting off my 1 year of exchange in Kagoshima University. This past week has been really busy. I can tell you guys, settling down in Japan is much harder then in Australia. Japan sure loves its bureaucracy, but I did manage to have fun with new made friends and I am sure that I will have even more fun from now on.

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Bus stops from the USSR

April 6th, 2014

I have lived my whole life in a former USSR republic and I have never even given a second thought about the beautiful bus stops that we had. While traveling in the Belarus and Ukraine as well, I faintly remember seeing bus stops that were not just a piece of concrete covering travelers from the rain, but had sculptures and mosaic in them. Beautiful, beautiful bus stops. This man though, went out of his way to take photos of the most interesting stops around the former USSR. All I can say is that you guys should take a look at the video and if you can visit Russia, there is a lot of beautiful architecture there.

Final Destination: Kagoshima

April 2nd, 2014


(Photo from the window of my plane, you can see Mt. Fuji)

After a whole 4 years in the planing, 2 months worth of packing and preparation, and a 16 hour flight with 2 stopovers, I have finally reached Kagoshima! Here I will be studying as an exchange student for the next 10-11 months. A big big thanks to all my sempais who helped me out to prepare for this and a thank you in advance to the new sempais I have met here today, who will be helping me from now on.

I have settled into my dorm and just finished unpacking all my luggage. Now for some well deserved sleep. Tomorrow will be a long day of shopping and meeting with teachers.

Ghost Trick by Capcom

April 1st, 2014


Capcom makes a lot of good games like Street Fighter and Super Street Fighter and Ultra Street Fighter, and …. well you get the gist. Nah, of course they have more good games and one of them is this puzzle detective game called Ghost Trick. It was recommended to me by my puzzle loving girlfriend (at the time) Amy a while back and now I have finally finished it! It was a very interesting story with a nice plot twist at the end. I wouldn’t call it the best puzzle game, but it is definitely worth the time. I will write up a mini review without spoilers, because what fun is it playing a puzzle game when the story has been spoiled for you.

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