Sunday Movie Night is an event I organize at urbanest every week at 8pm. The movie I chose for this week was Happy-Go-Lucky because I came across this term at some point somewhere and thought that it was rather suiting for my own personality, and because apparently there is a movie with the same name and same theme, I chose it for the screening.

The story revolves around Poppy, a 30 year old girl who is living with her flatmate Zoe and working as a primary school teacher. Why is she so special? because her character is “happy go lucky”. She always looks at the bright sight of things, she is always happy and acts silly and jokes around about things most of the time. Poppy is trying to make everyone around her happy by making jokes and smiling, but that doesn’t always work. Still she doesn’t frown, she doesn’t cry she just continues being herself.

In the beginning of the movie her bicycle was stolen, and when she sees that instead of getting angry or depressed she is just a bit sad that she couldn’t say goodbye to her good friend (the bike). Sometimes the things she does are a bit overboard, but it hasn’t harmed her so I am guessing it ok, but of course this is a movie and not real life.

I like her; I love her optimism; I love her lifestyle; she is happy; she doesn’t need a reason to be happy, she just is! Of course there needs to be a balance between optimism and realism, but I believe that in her head she knows when to be series and what to take serious, but acts in a somewhat childish (in a good way) manner because she understand that she doesn’t need to push her troubles on others. And this is exactly what I admire in her! This is what I have been longing for. I want to be like that, I want to act like that. I believe that most of the time even now I am like Poppy, and that I am happy with my life.

Here is a trailer of the movie:

I would recommend everyone to watch this interesting movie, as I am sure it will show you what it is to be around a person who is constantly happy and cheerful.


PS: If I had compare to an anime character, I would say Poppy is a lot like Hajime from this seasons Gatchaman Crowds, like for example in this scene here.