Summer 2013 anime


2013 summer season of anime has officially started today with a marvelous new show by Kyoto Animation: Free!

Here is a list of what I am looking forward to and picking up, not guaranteeing that I wont drop some though:

  1. Free! – Hot guys swimming. Need I say more? ah yes: made by KyoAni. next
  2. Danganronpa –  Survival game, based of a video game, sound cool, my fellow club members are saying it will be good, so might as well
  3. Monogatari Season 2 – Based Shaft, most anticipated series of this season. Lets see if shaft can make it as good or even better then Bake 1
  4. Genshiken Nidaime – Currently watching Genshiken 1 and 2, loving the series and the characters, definitely looking forward to this. Its an anime about an anime club, how can I not watch it.
  5. The World God Only Knows III – An anime about a video game god conquering girls season 3, yea of course. I read most of the manga so looking forward to seeing how they anime this arc.
  6. Blood Lad – people say its gonna be good, so why not. Vampires.
  7. Watamote! – as mentioned here, I AM SO HYPED FOR THIS.
  8. Gin no Saji – a guy goes to the countryside to study farming… Not that intriguing right? Made by the same guy who made FullMetal Alchemist.
  9. Kimi no Iru Machi – great manga, good OVAs. Expecting the anime adaptation to be good as well. Love story with drama.

Oh wow I am planing to watch 9 thing this season. Where will I find the time O.o

 Click on image for website with the chart.