Tadaima (I’m home)

June 29th, 2013


After my crazy flight yesterday I am home, finally, after 3 years, I am home. Riga has barely changed in these past 3 year that I have been away. Some improvements here and there, we got new trams! (pics on Flickr, and link at the end of the post). There are so many things I have missed, like our beautiful and quiet parks, our gorgeous Art Nouveau style architecture, our clean fresh sea air, our delicious european food (+ potatoes) and of course our blazingly fast and reliable internet.

My main purpose was to get a new passport as this one is about to expire in November, and of course to see my parents. But just after one day of being back I feel like I have never left. There are so many things that are dear to me here, so many memories, so many feels. I will be back in Riga for another month, I will keep posting some stuff out what is happening here and what I am up to and of course continue my regular posts about tech and anime (especially with the new season starting next week).

link to photo album:

What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

June 27th, 2013

Quantas A380

(That is not my plane)

It was a good plan, a simple plan, nothing crazy… But it turned into soooo much more because of one small mistake, one small slip up… I am talking about my trip back to Latvia. The original plan was to fly from Sydney to Singapore, spend 1 night and most of the day there with my good friend Wilmer then catch a flight from Singapore to Helsinki the next day, lastly connecting to a flight from Helsinki to Riga. Well the Quantas check in people at  Sydney International Airport had a different plan for me…

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Monsters University

June 20th, 2013


Hey, have you heard? There is a new movie out by Pixar called Monsters University! Yea that right its a prequel to Monsters Inc. Why am I telling you this? Well today is the day it got screened in Australia and I went to watch it with Saya.

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Chatmonchy – Bus Romance

June 18th, 2013

When my lovely Saya and I went to Canberra last wednesday (13th June), on the bus there she let me listen to some of the music on her iPhone. One of the songs was Bus romance by Chatmonchy. Well this whole week I could not get this song out of my head, especially because Saya would humm or sing it at times. I found the music video (MV) for it on vimeo, lets hope it doesnt get taken down.


I have heard of Chatmonchy before, but only because she sang the song Thermae Roman which is the ending theme for the anime Thermae Romae. I instantly liked her voice and style of singing, but didn’t actually bother to download any of her other songs. And then here we are almost a year after I watched Thermae Romae, I hear Chatmonchy again!

Wata Mote is getting an Anime!

June 16th, 2013

WataMote Anime

There was this one manga which wasn’t really that popular in good old Japan, but then everything changed when the gaijin attached! The guys from 4chans /a/ just fell in love with this manga. People started buying multiple copies and thus dramatically improving its sales. It got so popular that they even started printing that its a huge hit on the western 2chan on the cover of it (as can be seen on the picture below). And this manga is of course Watashi ga Motenai no wa dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! or Wata Mote for short.

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Vivid Sydney

June 13th, 2013

Vivid Sydney

So on the 5th of June, Saya accompanied me to go look at the Vivid light show in Circular Quay and Darling Harbour.

This is the third time I’ve visited the festival, and wow I can say it amazes me how many different colours and designs and animations they can make and project onto the buildings. What can I say it looks amazing.

Pictures speak louder then words:


Visiting the capital

June 13th, 2013

parliament house

I have been living in Australia for almost 3 years now, but I have never been to the capital! *shock* So I decided that now, right before exams, would be the perfect time to go visit this small city. And what fun is it to go alone… So of course I went there together with my girlfriend at the time – Saya.

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June 11th, 2013

Apple iOS7

Tonight at 3am Sydney time, Apple had their World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) where they announced many new changes to both their software and their devices. You can read the full coverage on 9to5mac.com. But I will just quickly mention what I love about it.

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PINK360PINK (Ken) Vs CafeID Poongko (Seth)

June 9th, 2013

And this is exactly why I love watching Poongko matches.


June 9th, 2013

Eurovision Sweden

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